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It’s been a while that I haven’t written anything down in my blog. I like the current working lifestyle compare to the upcoming difficult academic semester. I’d love share a bit of personal life with you.

Recently I start watching House M.D. from scratch, Season 1. Currently I am on Season 5. Dr. House is a bit childish but talented doctor, I don’t know why most of the genious people end up like crap in the end (yeah I read wikipedia for some spoilers, can’t help it).
Next on my watch list is 24. Indeed, I haven’t watched this classical TV series yet.

I don’t do a lot of readings normally but recently I start reading a sci-fi novel called Ball Lighening (球状闪电). It is one of the novel from Cixin Liu‘s sci-fi series. His Three Bodies (三体) is on my next reading list. Three Bodies is one of the most fascinating sci-fi novels in China and it is being translated to English this year.

On the technical side, I am waiting for CentOS 7 release in order to deploy OpenStack on my own server. This is the major project of my upcoming experiments. I am thinking of selling/giving out some of the Virtual Machines to classmates or friends for testing and maybe production (if I have enough fund to operate in long term). I can take requests for VM trials here, you could just leave me a message here.
The next project I am going to learn is SELinux. I’ve come across this before but never had the mind to set myself into it. Information Security nowadays is becoming a more and more serious issue, and as a system-admin-on-the-go person I cannot ignore that.

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