Resolve virsh start a domain (VM) failed problem

After CVE-2019-11477 and a few other CVEs broke out, Linux kernel released 5.1.11 to address the vulnerabilities. My VM host machine is constantly running on the latest kernel (provided by ELRepo).

When I reboot into the new kernel and want to start one of my KVM boxes, this error appears:

Host CPU does not provide required features: spec-ctrl

After a bit of Googling, I understand this is related to kernel updates, the guest CPU model name of the VM’s XML setting does not match. The resolution is very quick also.

Find out what model your host machine is:

virsh capabilities
… # skipped

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My model is IvyBridge

Edit the VM’s XML configuration

virsh edit --domain vm1

The model of the VM is IvyBridge-IBRS, so I deleted the -IBRS part.

Start VM

virsh start vm1


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