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In the western world, email is a formal way of communication. It’s still widely used in a lot of fields. University usually send me on average 3 emails per day in weekdays, some days are considerably more.

I don’t like keeping email clients open, it consumes my workspace and technically more memory space. I’d love to take a desktop widget that tells me “you have a new mail”.

Recently I came across an application called Mailnag, a python written programme which uses GTK3+ library (gi.repository) to notify the user new emails.

Mailnag is intuitive to use and it must be working very well. I didn’t test it though. I personally don’t like GNOME 3 too much but I love the old GNOME 2. Is there a programme that we can use in GTK2?

Sure we do.

A programme called mail-notification pops up during my Google search. It is a little programme that only pops up if new email is received. The main Linux distributions should have it collected in their repositories.

Configuration can be launched via System->Preference->Look and Feel in Fedora 20, you also need to add mail-notification to Startup Applications for automatic boot.

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