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China announces edX platform to power its new online learning portal XuetangX. This online is especially useful for Chinese students who wish to get some supplementary knowledge on academic courses. For English speaking learners, this website provides English translation subtitles in their course video (maybe not all). Beside the subtitles, the professors use English during their presentation.

This website is called XuetangX, it’s built by a group of people in Tsinghua University based on edX technology, cooperate with numbers of universities accross China and even the World. Currently all of its courses are free of charge, you could download their courseware and course videos by right-clicking your mouse on the video player.

This website is designed by using HTML5, the connection speed is a bit slow for us from outside of China, but it’s bearable.

At the time of writing, XuetangX provides 8 courses, which are
– Circuits and Electronics (by MITx)
– Computer Aided translation in theory and practise. (By PekingX)
– MOOCs production and operation. (By TsinghuaX)
– Artifacts and Cultural China (1st half) (by TsinhuaX)
– History of Chinese building (1st half) (by TsinghuaX)
– Finace Analysis and Decision (By TsinghuaX)
– Digital Systems (Part 1) (By TsinghuaX)
– Data Structure (By TsinghuaX)

Happy learning!

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