Installing Bumblebee on Fedora for Lenovo Y510P

Previously I wrote down the article Installing Fedora on Lenovo Y510P, today I am going to write down my steps on installing bumblebee and using intel driver by default.

Let’s assume you are using nomodeset setting when boot up, open up a terminal and login to root by

sudo -s

We need to install a few things:

yum install -y libbsd-devel libbsd glibc-devel libX11-devel help2man autoconf git tar glib2 glib2-devel kernel-devel kernel-headers automake gcc gtk2-devel VirtualGL VirtualGL.i686
yum groupinstall "C Development and Libraries" -y


yum localinstall

When finished, do

yum install bumblebee-nvidia bumblebee primus bbswitch-dkms

Reboot to init level 3 (1 or 2 is fine), login with root. (As long as X is not running)


X -configure

this will generate under /root folder. Copy this over to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and modify this xorg.conf.

We need to find Section “Device”, where your Card0 is at, comment out #Driver “modesetting”, add Driver “intel” under it, make sure the BusID is matched from lspci‘s Intel VGA bus id, in my case, it is “PCI:0:2:0” You might also want to delete any other screens/devices/monitors, leave only screen0, device0 and monitor0 in the config file. Leave other unrelated untouched.

Add the following line in Section “Device” for card0:

Option      "Backlight"     "intel_backlight"

cd to /etc/default/, edit grub, delete nomodeset from GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX, add acpi_backlight=vendor at the end. Then cd to /boot/efi/EFI/fedora, execute command

grub2-mkconfig -o grub.cfg

Now reboot. Wait for a few minutes, you can take a look at what systemd is doing by pressing any arrow key at boot screen. You should see nvidia is compiling kernel.

And now you should be using intel driver for displaying. You could start your games or other graphic intensive applications by using optirun xxx in terminal.

Test it using those 2 commands:

glxgears -info
optirun glxgears -info

You can see which driver you are using under GL_VENDOR value.

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