ghost (blog publishing) at a glance

Recently a new blog publishing service called ghost burst out in its existance for public testing, I am very curious of this new competitor of WordPress so I installed it and made a few tests.

The installation process is simple enough and I feel I better not denote here necessarily as you just need to follow the Installation Guide. Installing NodeJS is neither a problem, for CentOS, you just need to add EPEL repository and a

yum install nodejs

will take care of the rest.

For ghost, MarkDown language is a must to learn, and its initial blog article has nearly everything you need.


1. ghost is built on NodeJS, and this is blazing fast. The designers of ghost clearly have a neat idea of how publishing works. In comparison, WordPress is too heavy, it has too many functions that I basically won’t use at all, and it is also heavily based on PHP, which is a large CPU resource consumer. For a blog that has 5000 PV per day (not mine absolutely!), VPS in general simply can’t handle them all, so the cost could be lower if you use ghost

2. Looks great! In my opinion, personaly blogging should be as neat and clean as what ghost is like.

3. Sqlite database. Well for this, different people would have different opinions. For a personal blog, SQLite is enough though.

4. Mobile device friendly. I know WordPress has put a lot efforts on mobile devices, but, on my old iPhone 3GS, WP cannot match with ghost on mobile display and publishing, ghost is much much nicer.


1. Plugins availability = none. WP beat up ghost completely in this area. Because of ghost‘s early birth, the programmers behind it haven’t got the time to develop APIs for plugins, so my \LaTeX plugin, it will not work on ghost as well as other plugins like syntax highlighting etc.

2. Where is “Search” in ghost? It could be that I am blind or the function hasn’t been developed at all.

Anyway, ghost is at its early stage, it is not suitable yet to convert from WP to ghost, but we’ll see how it’ll go.

For my ghost> testing site, please visit: (Closed)

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