FTP Downloading under wine

FTPRush is a powerful FTP transfer tool under Windows. It can also run under wine in Linux.

It is curious that how wine works using Internet connections. I used to using Windows to download stuff from FTP servers using FTPRush, because FTPRush under wine has a very slow connection. It reminds me the old dial-up age because I have always been getting 10k/s or less.

The thing is, when using a SSH tunnel as a proxy allowing FTPRush to download from FTP servers has always been very fast. I don’t know why it is as fast as being under Windows, regarding this issue, the quick solution is to setup a SSH proxy that takes the bandwidth to interface lo.

So, under FTPRush, first setup a proxy connection. Press F6 to open up the “options”, under Proxy Server, add a proxy and name it with whatever you like, proxy type SOCKS5, HOST is, port can be anything above 1027, let’s say, 8088.

Secondly, setup an FTP site with proxy set to the one just set.

Since we are using Linux, open up a terminal and type

ssh -D -p 22 localhost

to create a ssh tunnel and bind it to local 8088 port. Don’t exit the terminal, go back to FTPRush and start the connection with the FTP site.

Happy downloading!

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