Solve zsh cursor positioned at the beginning in zsh history lookup using arrow key for Ubuntu

Zsh under Ubuntu has a strange behaviour. When you have typed some commands and use up arrow key to look back, the cursor is always at the beginning of the line. This can be solved very easily.

Enable Memcached on Remi based PHP install for WordPress

The php stack I am using for blogs and other hosted php websites is from Remi. I am on PHP version 5.6. The memcached plugin was enabled and I never checked its status. I only found out that the memcached is not enabled at all on my websites. OK I figured this will be a […]

Proxy all traffic of a program with ProxyChains

EastLink sucks. Somehow in the evenings, they manage to lower the speed of my connection from home to my server at OVH Canada BHS centre. I’ve complained before but this issue is not going to be resolve anytime soon. Since my residence does not support another ISP (BellAliant, namely), I have to stick to EastLink […]

Check Out your IP address (And User-Agent)

I know there are many tell-your-IP-address services available, some even have the whois lookup functionality. I found it was unhelpful when it comes to scripting. I made a website, it has more features which doesn’t have. It could report your IP address for a script-friendly way (direct response). It supports ipv4, ipv6 and SSL […]

cURL support for CloudFlare-enabled websites

CloudFlare provides a nice protection from DDoS and other hacking activities, last year they even added a free UniverSSL package to all users. The problem began with the cURL ciphers on cloudflare-enabled websites. cURL does not successfully handshake with cloudflare servers with its default encryption algorithms. Update: Recent update on cURL and nss libs have […]