Using pingjs

Pingjs is a JavaScript library. It cleverly use the JavaScript’s native Image object to find the responsive time. Its example use has been provided by the author. The first “ping” to your target server is always incorrect. It counts the DNS resolve time in, hence I implemented this API to an endless loop of ping, to provide an accurate result back to the user.
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Make a secret copy of sent email in Postfix

I have a business need. I need to send automatically generated email from a specific business address to my customers. Postfix does not help you to save it to “Sent” mailbox. Although I have mail logs telling me that emails have been sent to the correct email addresses but I really don’t know what is being sent.

Because I setup my own mail server, this is going to be really easy. There is no need to change my business code to BCC a secret address, which is not very nice.

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Gate Project

Gate Project is a VPN service platform that I wrote from scratch. It utilizes OpenConnect as server/client and use certificate as authentication methods.

The project’s website:

The service is featured as below:

1. Limit of concurrent users per server, so your speed is guaranteed.
2. One certificate can be logged into all servers.
3. Multi geography servers.
4. Cheap price.
5. Unlimited bandwidth within reason
6. Auto re-issue certificates when payment is done.
7. Support nearly all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS)

Feel free to buy 1 day of service and decide later.